What Film Critics and Industry Professionals are saying about Peeping Tom:

"Russo remains a confident director, unafraid to upend expectations. A Peeping Tom worth looking in on!" - Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic

"The master of the 'Psychological Jolt', Joe Russo is the next Rod Serling. Thumbs up!" - Stan Robinson,, AZ Weekly Magainze

"Peeping Tom is a brilliant short. A voyeur's delight!" - Roger Tennis, Vice President of the Phoenix Film Critic Society, Cinema Clips

"Joe Russo's deft direction builds genuine suspense and apprehension in a very short time." - David Ramsey, President of the Phoenix Film Critic Society,
CBS 5 Morning News

"A good payoff to neatly built suspense. Easily professional grade, kudos are very much due to the filmmakers." Hal Astel, Apocalypse Later

Peeping Tom (2010) - A philandering vixen lures a young stud into her home for an adulterous rendezvous, but things take an unexpected turn for the worse when her husband comes home from work.

Starring: Dean Veglia, Eva Hamilton, Tyler Janes

Featured on: AZ Central, Apocalypse Later

Screened at: International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival (2010), La Gona Film Festival [Mexico] (2010)


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